About Ki Business

How Ki Business® Came About

Emer CarrWith over a decade running her own therapy business, almost the same in IT and IT security, teaching in adult education for over 3yrs, so I decided to combine my mixed knowledge of balanced health, tech, business and teaching into Ki Business which was inspired by teachings from her Aikido Masters, Sensei John Meldrum (Cork), the late Sensei Alan Ruddock (Isle of Man) and the late Sensei Henry Kono. Developing a business that is good for the heart & the soul, existing in perfect harmony with the happy life we want to truly lead.

Alan & Henry met in Japan and trained with O'Sensei, the Founder of Aikido. Henry regularly told the story of when he asked O'Sensei over birthday cake, 'why is it we cannot do what you do', to which O'Sensei simply replied, 'because you don't understand Yin & Yang'. Finally years later, while on a beach in Hawaii, Henry had a revelation and realised the missing piece of the famous yin & yang, the centre where there is perfect balance.

From Crippling Back Pain to the Aikido Masters

Aiki No MichiFor almost a decade, Alan & Henry met in my hometown of Galway for a week long summer school where they tireless taught eager students, the concepts of yin & yang and their experiences of Aikido. I started training with John Meldrum while studying in UCC and he brought me to my first summer school, and I never looked back because I was at a critical time, struggling to even walk when I started because of a major back episode during my finals of my degree. At an early age, I realised we can achieve what we want (I did get my first class Honours degree in Maths from NUIG) but it can come with a terrible price as I was hospitalised through back spasm before my final exam, having to repeat that Autumn, addicted to prescription pain medication but determined I was going to get the final result I dreamed of.

Soon after getting that final result I fought for, I had another massive blow, loosing my aunt, Zsuzsi who was only 45yrs after a 12yr battle with lymphoma. I can honestly say, finding Aikido saved my life and showed me there were other ways to manage pain other than drugs thanks to the open minded knowledge of so many people in the group to energy work and therapies. It was Alan Ruddock himself who introduced me to the Bowen Technique, which I qualified for with People in 2005 and horses in 2006. I added my qualifications, Emmett Technique in 2010, Meditation Facilitator and Pilates instructor in 2014. Due to my fascination with the body, I did a second MSc in Biomedical Science in 2010. Followed by 2 HDips in Software development (2013) and Middleware development (2015). I think I might have a slight addiction to learning!


Tech Nerd in Disguise

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From 2000 to 2006 I worked in the IT sector, and again 2014-2016 from QA to development to project management, some roles included IT security. To subsidise my therapy business since I have a huge mortgage, I also taught but 3rd Level and Adult Education. Yes, I know, I am definitely a mixed bag of tricks! But taking all these, I'm developing no frills, bells or whistles approach to the areas of Business & Technology required to run a successful business in a fun and easy going way and not be that daunting subject no one wants to tackle.

So why not join me on my Facebook Page @ 3pm GMT Monday to Friday for some free advice for your business.