Straight Talking Business & Tech Advice

Getting straight forward tech help isn't easy to find so you will find straight talking blogs on business and tech advice to help you get to grips with things. Most of the time you will quickly get bamboozled and even more confused then before you started. My aim in these blogs is to share those things you need to do but hate the thought, because you simply don't know where to begin. Would love to hear your comments and feedback on how I can help you get rid of those tech & business blocks to get your business moving forward smoothly.

Additionally, I will share the exploration of balance in business, the core of what Ki Business is about. From my years studying Aikido with some of the best teachers (Senseis), two of whom studied at the Hombu Dojo in Japan with O'Sensei himself, the founder of Aikido. We are the essence of our businesses and life, therefore we need to strive to keep that balanced and be exactly where we want to be with it all.