One to One Coaching

Getting Personal Help for Your Business

We can waste so much time doing things in the wrong order or not having full understanding what we need to do next. If you think of sports, very few sportspeople are at the top without coaching to help them get there. WHY? Because we need an outside perspective and someone who has been there and can guide you from making common mistakes that can grind both you and your business to a halt.
To be great in your game, you need to invest in expertise in the area your business needs next and for many, getting over that technical hurdle can become a real block. If business and tech help is what you need, Emer is the one for you. She will help you to understand just what you need to know to achieve your goals and gets the message across in laymans terms. Have you ever got someone to build your website, set up your email management software (often referred to as CRMs) and be completely at sea trying to figure out what to do next? Or get completely lost trying to understand what it is you should be doing on social media and how they all fit together? Instead of tearing your hair out, why not contact Emer and see if she is the right person for you. Her honesty is well known and if she can't, she will guide you to where you need to go next.