Irishisms (Irish Phrases)

The Best in Irish Phrases

While us Irish might speak English, we definitely have our own version of it. Irish phrases can be the most natural thing to us, yet leave people not living here completely stumped.

That is why I decided to put together some common phrases we use on a daily basis that I can only refer to as Irishisms along with a cúpla focal as Gaeilge. Sure why not add a bit of individuality to things and Irish flavour. If you have any phrases you think I should include, just let me know. Go raibh míle maith agat.


How it is Pronounced: 'Craic' is pronounced exactly the same as 'crack' and no it is not a type of drug although it does refer to good mood and fun. It is a very typical word used in Ireland. 'Having the craic', 'mighty craic' or 'the craic was mighty' can confuse tourists a lot at first lol but they soon get into it. Craic is more than just having fun, it is real Irish fun and a mix of laughing, jokes, often some type of entertainment like music and dance. What can I say, once you have the craic, you will know what I mean.

"Sin é"

How it is Pronounced: 'Sin é' is pronounced 'Shin eh'. You can listen below.

'Sin é' simply translates to 'That's it' in Irish and used pretty regularly when speaking English too.

"Go raibh míle maith agat"

How it is Pronounced: 'Go raibh míle maith agat' is hard to phonetically write so best to listen below. 

Literally, translates from Irish to a 'may a thousand good be with you' or the way you would say it in English, is 'thanks a million'.