Customised SEO Workshop in Just 5 Parts for Your Business


This workshop is one to one, either in person here in Galway if you live locally on can be done online anywhere in the world. SEO (aka Search Engine Optimisation) is a buzz word that gets so overused and even if do all the work for you on the tech side, it is like getting a cleaner in to tidy your house, if you don't keep up it will just go back to having problems that can be easily Avoided with you know how.

This workshop covers Simple, Easy to Understand principles which are On-target for YOUR business, not some corporate strategy.

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What we cover to get make you a SEO Rockstar

Part 1: Understanding SEO without the jibberish to know how it applies to you and your business.

Above is a high-level view of what SEO is really about. We go into the ins and outs in more detail with minimum tedious tech jargon and good ole simple English and everyday examples that will give you those AH HA moments.

Part 2: Tech checks, Google and getting things in place to help keep tabs on things.

OK we have to bite the bullet and get it all setup which might be a bit techie BUT the good news is, you only have to do this stuff once at the workshop so breathe, you don't have to really remember it but you will know why you are doing it all.

Part 3: Understanding Blogging, Keywords, and all that jazz. Why we do it and how it can increase Your Customer Base and Sales.

So now the fun begins! WOOHOO! Ok, maybe I am a bit too excited for it. But you will start to see the power of SEO and how you can work it like the catwalk to work for you.

Part 4: Making the Best Connections to drive traffic and the right user to your website.

This is all about linking and probably the most abused part of SEO. You will know why, how to get the best and be able to go EXCUSE ME, but NO! when the wrong type of linking comes your way. It's all about building up that authority in your niche so people will want to choose you first.

Part 5: Putting it all into practice on your own website which is reviewed prior to the workshop with a list of to-dos.

More fun, we get to do this on your own website. I will have a checklist done for you on what you need to do. Most we will get covered in the workshop and you will have a clear to-do list to take away so you know how to keep it going.

Please note, this is not a ‘fix my website' workshop. If your website isn't running well we can certainly fix that but it is not part of this workshop.

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