GDPR Ready Standard E-Commerce Website on WordPress


GDPR ready website to kick off your business presence online.



An e-commerce website means a website with an online shop where you can sell your products and/or services just like this one. It will have everything you would have on a standard website or brochure website with a place to sell  ie. your usual website for info, blogs and contact details. You can add an email signup too to collect emails if you like. The main thing, it will be compliant with the new GDPR standards, optimised with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that you will start to show up in the results on Google and Google analytics to show how your website is performing so you have a solid website to build on going forward.

Please note: If you have to change to another type of website after purchase, ie Shopify or Squarespace, that's fine! We can decide on setup what works best for you.

What you get:

As with standard brochure website

  • WordPress & Hosting Setup
  • Setup as https for security
  • Responsive of course so it works on mobile and tablets
  • 1 Website Design
  • Pages: Customise Homepage, Contact Page & set up Blog page (not blog posts) and up to 10 pages.
  • Optimised for performance, SEO and general security to get you showing in searches Google.
  • GDPR ready and EU Compliant (includes Cookie notice, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service – *please see note below)
  • Integrate Social Media accounts
  • Setup for Google Analytics
  • Copyright free images and designs
  • Handover session to get you up to speed on what you need to do to maintain it
  • 1 month support, max 5 new emails request with all questions in the first email (no limit to number of questions per email, just helps with volume and keep track)
  • Option: Up to 2hrs monthly help & support for €49 per month (just ask)


  • Online shop added to your website
  • Product categories
  • Products (up to 20 products)
  • Setup payments system.

What I need from you:

  • Content must be provided but don't worry, I can help you edit it to make it look cool. I just am not a mind reader for your business. You know your business better than anyone.
  • Personal images always look best, not essential but we can talk about this.
  • Less is more, and clarity essential so if you are not clear on something, I will give you some ideas to research and we can just go live with what you have so people can contact you and plan a date to resume the rest. Deal?
  • For this, we will need to setup up business Paypal and Stripe and connect to your bank details but I will walk you through it.

* Note for Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Refund Policies:
As I am not a legal person, I can guide you and give you example templates but it is advisable to get customised policies for your business which will act as protection for both you and your business.

Not included:

  • Web hosting – approx €15 per month with deals in the 1st year. I recommend hostpapa.
  • Domain purchase or renewal (I recommend as WhoIs privacy is included) – starts at €8.99 for .com. Ask for .ie domains.
  • SSL cert if your hosting does not provide as standard. Price varies. Standard with hostpapa.
  • Premium themes (€30-60), images (around €5 each), graphics (POA) or plugins (varies)
  • No customised coding


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