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Can you relate? Time to get Tech Help

A client who availed of Tech Help, sent me this reply regarding an email that wasn't working. The issue occurred, following changes to a website to support an eCommerce shop. The solution was to simply go to Gmail and add new settings, easy when you know how! But can be very frustrating when you don't. The client was so grateful to have their email fixed with no stress. Their response of trying to tackle such issues in the past sounds very familiar among business owners. Have you ever felt the same? But with Tech Help, you can be guided through the process or we can do it for you and share how.

Response when Tech Help made it so easy:  "These are the kind of little tech issues that totally daunt the non-tech people. First we'd have to google why it all of a sudden the email wasn't working, click some buttons, stare at the website cPanel as if we know what we're looking for. Desperately hoping something will just jump out at us saying 'broken here - click link to fix'. Waiting for web hosting to give some answers but they say it is working fine. NO! It isn't. You neglect to mention you are using Gmail for your business email of course.

Need Tech Help

Let's Google some more, we are bound to find something that looks the answer, but it is in double dutch we need more help. Google that to find something that might make sense of the answer. Then Google 'SSL cert' because you saw that somewhere and no idea it means. Google we are no longer friends! Can you just not give the right answer on how to fix this? At which point we'd have thrown a strop, drank a bottle of wine, decided to get a job instead of working for ourselves, it was a f**king stupid idea anyway, considered murdering the next person who spoke to really Emer,  your business falls into the mental health wellness programme also. Thank you!"

Now your business can have it's own tech support

Do you ever wish you had a one-stop tech help on hand for when things go wrong? Being techie might not be your strength but need it to run your business. It can be soul destroying when things go wrong and don't know why. Wasting so much time desperately searching for answers and all too often, making things worse in an attempt to fix things. The problem with individual support on each software is your problem can span over several and end up putting you in circles trying to find an answer.

Well, you have come to the right place. Emer offers several options from 1-1 support to guide you through the problem and giving you the tech help you actually need. With personal and customised tutorials to help get your business back running.

Not sure, just get in touch and we will assess your issue and work with you to find a solution.

Tech Help With Emer