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Pauline Harley

“Emer has been a great help in getting me focused on my business goals and social media strategies. I highly recommend her for anything on the tech social media and for advice on your websites, She knows her stuff. I have seen a huge increase in the reach to my business page and website views […]

“Emer helped me with resolving email issues in relation to technical difficulties with my web server, understanding different social media and their relevance to my business and customers. Time management. Decision making. Business strategy. Basic knowledge of SEO. Emer has a unique ability to teach the beginners, from a beginners level. It really is tech help for those venturing […]

Inga Pupinienė

“We needed help with our e-commerce website, marketing, product development (photo-cards) plus Building up Self-confidence as this can be an area that really holds us back in business without realising it. Emer is very professional and gives a great support. She has very strong understanding and competence re technical side of online business. There are […]

Lynda Cruise

“Before working with Emer I found working alone on every aspect of the business quite difficult to juggle.  Certain aspects of my business suffered as I was lacking skill sets necessary to bring my company forward.  I’m an artist and a make handmade crafts which is where my main skill set lies.  The difficult areas […]

Suzie Dodd

Suzie Dodd

“One of my biggest obstacles to getting my business online was the tech side. Emer made it all so easy and courses gave me clear tasks to get the results I needed. My business vision is more clear, getting better results and growing all the time. Thanks a mil.”

Mark Duffy

Mark Duffy

“The horse industry is far from anything in technology but through Emer, I have seen the benefits of how I can reach customers all over the world. I really am not fond of anything techie but Emer helped me get going with the basics and gave me a great understanding of how privacy works online […]